Culture, Climate, Ethos

NYFA Sweden senior consultant Matt Coleman (UK Executive head teacher) offers to expertly guide you towards what it takes to create a world class learning environment for children. As a ‘new wave’ leader in formal education Matt has achieved considerable success utilising ‘real world’ values as the essential tools for youth development and is now considered a national role model for UK teachers. This evening is not to be missed and will definitely inspire you to consider how you add value to your coaching! NYFAs föreläsningsserie om ledarskap består av åtta föreläsningar med representanter från NYFAs globala team av konsulter. Föreläsningsserien förser...

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Matt Coleman

Ethos & Culture

I talk a lot about Ethos and Culture and I think we, at Windmill, get this ‘right’. But what does ‘right’ mean? We all know that these words are important and we do very deliberately try to work on these in school development plans etc. I am increasingly proud of the fact that we are not a ‘short-term initiative’ school; decisions are considered and thought through to ensure that there is longevity and sustainability. We stick to our view (The Windmill view) that our curriculum should have (and only have) a child-centred approach. We must offer our children what they...

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Matthew Coleman

Cultivating the right culture for our children

Why are some children more resilient than others? How can we help children to understand the difference between smart mistakes and sloppy mistakes? How can we distinguish and help children understand the difference between ‘Learning-mode’ and ‘Performance-mode’? How can we avoid the Little Britain ‘Lou and Andy’ situation? (children, who are perfectly capable and able to ‘have a go’ becoming so fixated on a crutch of support…) How do we stop challenge being threatening? The answer to all of these questions, I think, lies with us cultivating the absolute right culture for our children. I seem to find myself hearing...

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