Results, the coach approach.
A balancing act.

A results, and target driven society, has moulded an inept, false style of teacher/teaching/schooling. A results focused sporting culture in turn has emerged, and this has moulded a new style of coach/player.
All this is reflected through a society where money, status, assumed wealth, material possession, on line persona, social image and instant gratification are the social norms.
Professional and amateur players have never been so big, so fit, so focussed, so driven, so informed and so exposed. Pupils have never been so well equipped, armed with instant knowledge ( internet ) so supported in the classroom, with endless resources both technical and physical, and so aware of future pathways/careers. Society and social interaction in every form is on overdrive, on steroids. Yet, players/pupils/people are less happy and more stressed, than ever before.

Anxiety and depression have crept into the classroom, changing room and workplace.
The sense /need to perform has never been so acute, and particularly from a performance level on the field, in the classroom, and in the workplace. Players pupils and staff feel massively scrutinized, and terrified of making a mistake. Constantly on show constantly on edge.
Each exam is billed as a once in a lifetime one chance bridge crossing, every game is billed as a cup final, your position is ‘on the line’, every deal/meeting as vital to the success of the company. No room for error.

Exams are important, qualifications are important (providing they are relevant). Raising your game, playing to your best, rising to the occasion is indeed a great personal characteristic, and is at times, vital to progress in any field be it sporting or career. Winning is not a bad word. However In the end, do you want to be remembered for your trophies or how you played the game. Is success measured by the money in the bank, the title on the office door or how you are remembered and regarded by the people you work/play with.

Don’t misunderstand me, results are often vital. If you want to stay in the league sometimes you have to win ugly and play for a result. If you want to be paid you often have to ‘get the job done’ by all means necessary. Do you want a qualified surgeon to operate on you, or an unqualified person. Our hunter gatherer ancestors didn’t reflect on how well they chased an animal and whether they enjoyed the experience. Did they catch the dam thing, and ‘are we eating tonight’ was the only concern.
Lets also appreciate that coaching an amateur sports team and teaching children are very different to running a business, however a team is a team, regardless.
balance is key.

Short term v long term

Schools are measured on their results teams are measured on their results companies are measured on their results. Grades in the school tables, points in the league, sales and profits.
Players, pupils, coaches, teachers, staff and managers all feel the pressure.

As a professional teacher I was put under immense pressure to get the children to a certain level, to get a certain % of them to a set grade, regardless of whether they were actually at that level or capable of that level. Teachers in essence do not exist anymore they merely act now as glorified exam guides, and serve as the mouthpiece for politically driven management teams/schools. Never has the educational landscape so mirrored a flawed business model. ( this is in the majority of mainstream schools ) however exceptions always exist.

A sports coach should not sacrifice the natural development of a team in order to get results. The usual tactic is getting in the ‘ringers’ for the really must win games, a short term fix for a long term challenge. This is always to the long term detriment of the players and clubs. Clubs are built from the bottom up not the top down. Players can only develop if given the opportunity to play. Pupils will never truly improve if they are provided with shortcuts and tricks just to pass a test, you have to be allowed to fail in order to learn and improve. Schools perform a false dance for the inspection team, smudge the results, and remove the worst behaved children. They deliver the best lessons and spend more money, but only during inspection week. A Short term fix for a long term challenge, always to the detriment of the pupils. A business will sacrifice quality of product for a quick sale, regardless of the risk to the customer or indeed the reputation of the company. A short term fix for long term problem/challenge, always to the detriment of customers and staff.

It’s a band aid, it’s make up, it’s an energy drink, it’s a false profile, it’s fake news, it’s not the truth.
This exact business model is echoed in the police force, the health service and indeed any public sector arena. I voted with my feet and chose to do things my way.
Again, the key in my opinion to most things, is balance.

Capitalism or socialism
Left wing or right wing
Discipline your child or don’t discipline your child
City or Utd
Clinton or Trump
Leave or remain
Punishment or forgiveness
One or the other

Which side are you on? Its just identity politics, it’s putting people in a pigeon hole.
I can’t agree with you on anything because you’re on the other team? what utter garbage, designed to keep people divided. The idea that one party one team one opinion defines you, is preposterous. Yet identity politics still runs wild in every facet of society. People generally see what they look for and hear what they listen for. What tribe am I in, then I’ll agree with them.
Not every decision is black or white there are always shades of grey in every single debate argument or opinion.

Sometimes you may be white sometimes black but, more often than not, you could be some shade of grey. The real kicker is that this can change every day with every debate on every topic, Players/pupils/people change everyday.

Balance is not always right in the middle it can vary in its ups and downs. It varies over time. The one size fits all approach does not always work, the totally personalised approach is also untenable and unworkable, the totally relaxed work environment will lead to a poor work ethic, whilst over training over teaching over working, breaks the person. The working answer is somewhere in the middle, mix it up. Its recognising which players which pupils which employees need something different and when. This goes back to the tactics of coaching education and management

Purist education, is relevant, fun, interesting
or alternatively
it’s Spoon fed. test results focused, agenda driven, only grade measured education.

Purist coaching, is fun/player focused, developmental.
or alternatively
it’s putting a winning team out, regardless of ethical consequences,
win at all costs. Ego driven.

Purist management, is rewarding, people focused, leading from the front.
or alternatively
it’s self preserving, profit and short term gains focused. Narrow minded.

Schools, clubs, companies must look at the bigger picture. EGO is the enemy. In the classroom on the field or in the workplace, you command respect you don’t demand it. You achieve this by leading from the front, sacrifice, set the example, walk the walk, be honest. Create a learning environment, for you and your team, leaders are learners. Value every member of the team they bring something to the table. Involve people, try to make things fun. Create thinkers not robots. Allow mistakes, plan for mistakes. Evolve.

The message is the same, if you make education fun, relevant, sometimes personalised, the results will come but most importantly the pupils will develop, if sport remains fun, player development focused, and yet still competitive, the results will come but more importantly the sport/club will endure. If work is rewarding where people feel appreciated, and have a purpose to follow, productivity will come and more importantly the business has a future.

Its knowing when to turn up the heat and when not to, Having the right environment that encourages the natural urge to improve progress and push further. The man in the mirror principle, take a look at yourself. Allow players/pupils/people, to recognise their own areas for development and watch the team grow.

Results are as important as you make them.

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