Liverpool have accepted, add to that a City Team from Borås.

Our new P16 tournament in Borås is starting to take shape.

On Tuesday, the announcement came we had been waiting for: English big club Liverpool FC sends its P16 team to the tournament to be played in Borås in August, they form the international backbone of the cup.

”Only small details remain before we hopefully have a German big club ready too.
We are a Ltd company, but are in the process of starting up a Foundation that will be the majority owner, because we are not profit-driven in the way a Ltd Company is. The money we receive will carry the business and be put back again into grassroots associations in the form of grants to develop young sports leaders”

”We are working to educate sports leaders, and to capture young athletes with leadership potential, in order to increase the chance that they stay within the sport even when they stop as an active player.”

”We have identified a shortage in Swedish sports, where we see that there is a limited quality of leaders in youth sports. Often, parents take leadership roles when their children start with a sport. These parents are trained as coaches but at the end the day their sons or daughters leave. And so everything has to start over. We do not want that system replaced, but that it is supplemented and supported by trained leaders. We also want to identify young people who have leadership qualities and give them the opportunity to develop these.”

It is planned that the local Borås team will consist of local players from the grassroots clubs. Coaches in the clubs must nominate players who, among other things, fit in with the leadership parameters we want to see, and then we will interview them and pick the players. There will be no sporting selection.

Owen Southgate, British football coach, ran an academy for players who were not left in the major clubs of the clubs, and helped organize a similar tournament there three years ago. So it was thanks to that the thought was born to make a similar thing here. To organize a tournament with really good teams, collect money that can subsidize leadership training for young people in the Borås area’s grassroots

Given that this is the first year, we do not have the strength to make two tournaments, however we will have a full-length match for girls in the middle of the tournament – the boy matches will be shorter. It will probably be an English club that stands for the international team, how the local girl team should look is not quite clear, but we have ideas about what we hope to lock in.


Read the full Swedish Borås Tidning Article here.

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