Navigating the process
Performance psychology, open science, and my journey

It’s a pleasure to have you visit,

I want to briefly introduce you to the reasons why I decided to create a newsletter based on my musings about performance psychology.

I have been fortunate enough to find a passion in my life that I can call a vocation. My mission is to inform and serve individuals who are curious and open to learn more about what it means to flourish and thrive in their lives. The objectives that fuel my pursuit are: understanding the mind in high stakes environments; the voyage of personal mastery; advocating for mental health and wellness; and the significance of building positive relationships. I have found these to be meaningful in the field of performance psychology.

My journey has consisted of the following: in 2018 I completed a master of human kinetics specializing in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Windsor (Canada). In the Sport Psychology and Physical Activity Research Collaborative (SPPARC) lab I conducted research in team-building, cohesion, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. Fast forward to this summer (2021), I’ll be completing further graduate studies in a dual-degree program at Adler University (Chicago), a master of science in sport and human performance, and a master of art in counseling, specializing in rehabilitation counseling. This coming fall I will be beginning the journey of a PhD in counseling psychology and applied human development at Boston University. Yes, I know, I’ve been is school for longer than I have ever thought I would be. However, I’ve learned to enjoy the process of diving deeper into topics and conducting thought experiments, whether they are based in research, applied work, or a diverse context. Not to sound cliché, but I believe I’ve found that the struggle, in a productive way, is necessary in my life.

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