Why do kids play sport?

In the second episode of the ”245 – raising the bar” podcast we discuss a study carried out by Amanda J. Visek, PhD, that lists the top 11 reasons kids play sports.

This is the top 11 according to the research:

#1 Positive Team Dynamics
#2 Trying Hard
#3 Positive Coaching
#4 Learning and Improving
#5 Game Time Support
#6 Games
#7 Practice
#8 Team Friendships
#9 Mental Bonuses
#10 Team Rituals
#11 Swag

Listen to the podcast to hear further reflections upon the study and advice on how this knowledge can help you become a better coach.


Featured in the podcast: Rob Anderson, Gabriel Ekbeck, Owen Southgate, Karl Lundén, Helder Brito


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