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The Sporting Influencer and Athletic Evolution have collaborated within different projects in the past. We’ve agreed to give our followers the special offer:

Athletic Evolution has recently developed and launched “The Athletic Evolution Fundamentals Programs”
The programs are specifically for sports coaches and parents of youth athletes who want to improve their athletes:
– mobility�- stability�- coordination�- power�- strength�- movement competency�- overall athleticism

The programs require no additional equipment and are easily implemented into your training sessions or at home
Each program consists of:
• Individual plans for each session
• 2 options for session delivery
• 9 fundamental movement exercises
• Embedded links to video demonstrations
• key coaching points for each exercise

via 25% off – 1 Week ONLY!

The programs are compatible with Computers, Tablets and Phone formats for easy use on the training pitch or court!

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The Sporting Influencer

via 25% off – 1 Week ONLY!


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