James Barlow

Senior Academy Analyst

Portsmouth Football Club


What I do/ have done…
Senior Academy Analyst at Portsmouth Football Club
Nottingham Forest Academy Youth Development Phase coach and Futsal Specific Lead
England U21 Head Coach – Deaf Squad
England U19 RTC Coach – Midlands
FA Tutor Futsal level 1 and level 2
FA Tutor Football level 1 and level 2
English University Women’s Futsal National Head Coach
Former Head of Womens Football and Futsal at Loughborough University
UEFA A Licence

Why I do it…
To improve people, providing an opportunity to learn, develop and succeed within an elite and developmental platform.

My ethos towards education/sport…
Education and sport are both providers of wider values. Understandably, within an educational setting, it is a huge time commitment to balance both work and sport. However at I have been involved in many student athlete orientated environments, in which, I wish to help develop the person first. We encouraged our student athletes to become independent learners; giving them strong ownership of their actions and instill a responsibility to question and think for themselves. Our students were instilled with skills that can be transferred into a number of different environments, from everyday life to future employment.
Additionally an expectation of the student athletes that I have been associated with is that they are to have a willingness to work hard, both in their performance on the pitch, and their commitment to preserving the unity of the team and the quality of their studies off the pitch.

What is important to me…
Culture, environment, organisation and personal attributes to improving players to help tolerate the demands of the game but be open to adapting and learning key attributes to future success. I believe it is highly important for players to have an excellent technical foundation with a high level of perception, therefore recognising space, trajectory and numerical ad/disadvantages.

What I find most challenging…
Due to the pure passion of the game and developing players, I have a tendency of providing loads of feedback which may inhibit the simplification of high detail within their specific context to digestible parts for players to learn, practise and execute, enabling an accelerated rate of development. This is a reflective process for me currently and something I strongly worked on during the UEFA A process and during England camps. Understanding the long term process of player development.

What do I believe NYFA will create.
NYFA will enable coaches to engage in a structured, comprehensive education programme, allowing for coaches to access resource, support, practices, and a well established network dedicating themselves to furthering opportunities within football, futsal and education.

What I find most exciting about the future of NYFA….
The education and consultant network, developing a true understanding and connection with each and everyone’s ‘niche’ engaging in their expertise and continually progressing my knowledge base, whilst investing time in aiding the development of other coaches, providing a foundation for performance.

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