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My first assignment as a coach I had somewhere as a 20-21 year old. I was asked to help in a junior team in my then club which was helpless last after the spring season. I helped during the training but was never around the matches. During the autumn, the team won all but one match and somewhere there I understood that I wanted to become a coach. I realized that the coaching role gave me the opportunity to drive positive processes and lift people.

It took a few years before I got any real assignments as I was still playing myself. Despite that, I somehow somehow found myself involved in some form of leadership role. Now I have been a coach in div 4, div 3, superettan and allsvenskan and had football as a profession for more or less 18 years. I have undergone training in developmental psychology and physiology, all the Swedish Football Association’s various stages including the PRO training, I have been to Nyon and attended UEFA’s exchange course among PRO students, video analysis course, special leadership training such as UGL and trained as a sports manager etc. In other words, I have chosen to train in what I consider to be important for me to be able to function and work as a coach and to lift both players and teams in the associations I have been active.

I have been a fitness coach, assistant, advisor, talent developer (SvFF), mentor, head coach, tips elite coach, interim coach, coach for our young national teams, coached in European games, coached youth teams, had a lot of exciting side assignments in football such as developing content for computer programs, arranged coach trips abroad etc. My experience and knowledge in the subject of football is great. But I’m not happy because everything is constantly evolving. Football is perhaps the world’s most complex sport. Therefore, knowledge and personal development is an important cornerstone for me to continue to develop as a coach.

The early successes in terms of results meant that for a short period I believed more in being an instructor than being a coach. Nowadays, I strongly believe in creating relationships that are based on understanding each other’s worlds and then being able to COACH the player on her path to success, ie finding the player’s keys. Creating relationships and bonds is the coach’s most important task together with giving, from my perspective, a correct and honest feedback / feedforward. I now see myself more as a coach than as an instructor, although the instructor can be good to pick out sometimes.

Our and my goal with NYFA is to create a knowledge platform for everyone, where you as a leader can pick up exercises or improve. A platform where it is possible to get feedback on their work, further their education in Sweden or in another country, find an alternative to SvFF’s educations when for some reason they do not fit in or are available. We want to gather experts and talented people in many relevant areas under our umbrella and thereby be a resource for you in football. Our goal is not only to make football better but also to lift people in football. We are convinced that better people create a better sport.

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