Matt Coleman

Director of Primary Education

Nene Education Trust


I’m Matt Coleman, a very proud Primary School Executive Headteacher from Northamptonshire, England. My school has 410 children on roll and we are very pleased to say that we educate in a different way. We have an unrelenting focus on every child as an individual. Our drive to secure the best Environment, Culture and Ethos within our school and curriculum at Windmill Primary provides the foundation for our success. Getting the environment right for the children to learn, flourish and be successful as individuals; promoting a culture of ambition, respect and resilience and pushing an ethos of success, celebration and overall awesomeness!

NYFA’s approach to holistic, individualised coaching and education really resonates with me. I believe that there is huge opportunity available to us to link up formal education practices and the world of coaching – I have had the privilege to see things from both angles as I am also a FA qualified football coach. The consultants that NYFA has already got on board are simply phenomenal in their fields and are all driven by one thing – to define, create and sustain a network of organisations dedicated to enhancing the outcomes of sport. In my role within formal education, I believe that I can offer expertise on how and most importantly why children/young people learn best…for me, the key lies with ECE – Environment, Culture and Ethos. Right at the epicenter of all this is relationships – in a school, it’s relationships between staff and children; between children and children; between all staff generally; between parents and staff…the list could go on. Sport is no different.

This movement excites me massively and I can’t wait to be a part of its development and evolution. I am keen to affect change and believe that this project will open up a world of opportunities for us to impact on many young people and their futures.

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