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Hello everyone, my name is Otis Angus and my journey started in England, 1973. It has led me from wanting to be an accountant to now working as a Health coach at Hälsans Ego, Gothenburg.

Health coach covers a wide spectrum of fields and I am a certified nutritionist and personal trainer (focus on group training). During the last few years I have been giving talks about health, balance in life plus improving performance through marginal gains. It was in fact after one of my talks that the head coach of GAIS U17 academy team asked me to join his coaching team as a mental coach.

Growing up my father told me that I was very inquisitive and attempt to understand why and how thing worked. To such a degree that I destroyed my uncle’s pride and joy (pretty expensive in the 1970’s) cassette player.

That for me is the ethos of learning/teaching how to create an atmosphere of interest. Awakening a passion while allowing for growth through mistakes. One thing has remained constant, my thirst for new knowledge and the questions of WHY and HOW?

There is one major setback to knowledge gain and teaching and that is we often overlook the simplest solutions that are staring us right in the face and instead go directly to the most complicated, jargon filled answers we can think of. Keep it simple!

About 5 years ago I started a project with my local sports club. I attended PE lessons for schools in the municipality and created an active learning experience using my Knowledge Through Movement concept. Simply put when using gestures and body movement we increase knowledge retainment in a creative, participatory platform. Approximately 700 children participated in the project.

The most striking moment for me was when I asked the children (ages 7-8) what is junk food and the clear majority could easily answer. However, when I asked them “WHY?” it is not healthy only about 2% of children could answer.

Now imagine a school lesson where children are physically active participants. It can be simply them standing instead of sitting during lessons. Just substituting 3 hours of sitting for standing, 5 days a week over the course of a year is the equivalent to running 10 marathons!

When I met with NYFA representatives I was immediately captivated by their passion for people’s wellbeing and that creativity was a key word. The focus is teaching everyone in the best way possible for them. The knock-on effect can be truly amazing especially with peer to peer teaching/coaching.

I am proud to be connected with NYFA’s large pool of skilful people all aiming to improve health and wellbeing.

An ocean of knowledge starts with a drop of interest.

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