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My name is Sara Osberg, I’m the President of JUSC – Jönköping University Sports Club – where we are creating a unique center of excellence in collaboration with the University for both football and Esports. In addition to this I work as a Nutritionist and a Mental Coach while studying Occupational Therapy at Jönköping University.

My own sport journey started at the age of five when I began to play football. It gave me the opportunity to play collegiate and move to the States. A semester abroad made me realize that only focusing on physiques is not working long term, nor does it help you to live up to your full potential. That is why I moved back home to start my own personal development and grow into the person I wanted to be, before I started education within nutrition and mental coaching to be able to help others on their journey.
I believe one of the most important things for anyone is to continue their own personal growth, especially within sports and mentoring where performance is a key element. But to be able to help others with this, we need to walk the talk and start with ourselves.

Why I have ended up where I am today? I would say is due to my interest in sport; what it does for people and the society. I have known for long that I wanted to work for others and challenge myself to evolve, and for me sport is the perfect place to do just that. Sport has the power to bring people together, create meaning and belonging, laughter and a happier life – if handled in the right way.

Imagine this while also including education, mental awareness and the right nutrition. That is what I am driven to see more of, but it is also the most challenging part – sharing the knowledge, getting people to understand the power of getting to know yourself, and wanting to be involved in a change. Because yes change can be scary, but nothing is as scary as to stop growing.

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