Participation in sport is not possible without the incredible organisations readily prepared to serve it. These amazing groups of people are fundamental to the movement of sport and society and it is essential that all clubs and organisations receive quality support from external sources.NYFA has an incredible range of services for those in charge of delivering sporting amenities within local communities. From operational accountability to individualised mentoring NYFA aspires to support and enhance governance and activity, innovating organisations to create a better future for all.

“How can your association get better for more people? Do you work for everyone to have the chance to develop at their own pace and develop a lifelong interest in sports? Is the focus that more people should want and be able to be with whatever age or level of ambition? If you feel that everyone does not have the opportunity to participate in their conditions in your association, there is much you can do. Talk to others who are involved in the association, or someone on the board, about what you think may be better. ” RF, Strategy 2025