The backbone to globalised sport, Coaches everywhere create the bonds that tie participants to a lifelong love for participation. With this an uncompromising mandate for holistic support, coaches are often driven to selflessly dedicate their time, energy and resources to offer others more than just the chance to play sport.As Experts, Educators and Role models within the European Coach Education framework, the NYFA consultant team stands tall in empowering both Leaders and Organisations through its extensive wealth of knowledge, experience and products.

“As a coach you can influence the focus on the right things. When we see everyone and develop self-assured, motivated athletes who learn many different movements, we lay the foundation for a sports life with less frustration, insecurity and injuries. As a Leader, you can contribute to making the competition meaningful as well. Especially with young groups, the leader can shift the focus from the result to more important issues, such as joy, community and how we use the form of competition to develop.

Tips for the coach
1. Create a safe environment where everyone dares to try, fail, try again and develop.

2. Get everyone to feel seen. Ask those you lead about their opinion on how you should do in the group.

3. Think about how you can make the event meaningful for those you lead. The end result should not be in focus.

4. Go for an education, learn something new and get inspired!”