The Global Futsal platform is immense and with its furious pace and stunning creativity this exciting game offers people young and old the chance to experience something totally different. The NYFA team recognises Futsal as both an independent movement and a crossover development platform for skill development in Football, in which it has a great track record of helping produced some of the worlds very best players. NYFAs expert consultant and England coach James Barlow has a vast array of experiences delivering both Futsal and Football within professional environments and working with NYFA to provide the very delivery content for clubs, coaches and players.

“Education and sport are both providers of wider values. We encouraged our student athletes to become independent learners; giving them strong ownership of their actions and instill a responsibility to question and think for themselves. Our students were instilled with skills that can be transferred into a number of different environments, from everyday life to future employment.” James Barlow, Nottingham Forest Academy