Introduction to Futsal – The Best Sport

What is futsal?

Futsal is an established worldwide sport in its own right, played both at amateur, semi-professional and professional level. There has been a considerable increase within the perception of the sport and the world wide appeal, that has been supplemented by the fact that many elite football players endorse and speak of its importance to their own development (Futsal UK, 2012)

“Football and Futsal have a lot in common. They share mastering the ball, combining and making quick decisions”

Andreas Iniesta, former Barcelona and Spanish Interational Player.

Futsal is a game that is played in over 100 countries in the world including more than 12 million players (Beato et al. 2016). The sport has gained popularity in the recent years, including the FIFA Futsal World Cup since 1989 (Beato et al. 2016).  Furthermore, increased in popularity after the success of the European Championships in Slovenia. A tournament that embraced the debut of an incredibly organised France side; In addition to a Portuguese outfit who displayed a ruthless attacking nature and tactical flexibility to claim the trophy.

Author: James Barlow