The purpose of NYFA Sweden is to develop youth sports in Sweden and other countries by developing leaders’ skills, establishing a safe environment, and supporting young people in their individual development. Our long-term goal is to strengthen the role of sport in society as a tool for young people’s social development and through sport develop better people who will lead tomorrow’s society forward.

Parents and guardians are the cornerstones of the world’s youth. With their unconditional love, dedication, and experience in children’s development, parents are incredibly important for children’s participation ….

At the center of NYFA’s mission is children and young people who participate in organized sports. As children are the future of functional society, we see at NYFA that the greatest responsibility of sports associations is to offer …

Participating in organized sports is not possible without a living association life. The non-profit forces in Swedish associations are crucial to the existence of the sports movement and society at large.

As perhaps most important player on the pitch, goalkeepers have a great need for development that coaches should take into consideration when planning their workouts. The role of the goalkeeper has changed and the modern …

Futsal is a sport in progress in the world. With high tempo and dazzling creativity, this form of football gives old and young a chance to experience something different..

Coaches and leaders are the backbone of the sports movement. It is not uncommon for leaders to determine how children experience their sport as they develop the bonds necessary for lifelong participation …

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