NYFA Mentor Program

The NYFA Coach Mentor Programme offers on-the-ground support to grassroots clubs and coaches, leading the way towards upskilling and empowering its current volunteer workforce.
Tasked to support and enhance the provision and use of sport within all aspects of society, NYFA Mentors will act as leading facilitators within project development, delivering NYFA’s innovative resources to all of our member organisations.

Mentoring support at a club could include

  • Developing a whole club philosophy
  • Group coaching demonstrations
  • 1:1 coaching, match-day observation and support
  • Signposting to relevant courses and events
  • Needs analysis for club or individual coaches
  • Modelling of coaching sessions for individual coaches
  • Individual feedback
  • An individual learning programme
  • Online Education platform
  • Connect coaches, clubs and communities to NYFA global consultants and other sports organisations through a wide variety of utilities and resources
  • Develop the next generation of young leaders

Receive support from the Coach Mentor programme:
If you are part of a grassroots club and would like to receive some support from one of our Coach Mentors please contact us.