NYFA Young Leaders Program

The purpose of the Young Leaders Program is to integrate, develop and unite the youth of Sweden, through their love of sport.

In addition, we want to encourage NYFAs young leaders to develop existing life and leadership skills. To NYFA, leadership is not about what others do, its about giving people the tools, self-esteem and sense of self-worth to make smart and long term viable decisions. Its about providing the right set of conditions.

“More than two out of every three boys and every other girl between the ages of 7 and 15 belong to a sports club in Sweden.”

RF, Sport in Sweden 

However within Sweden many children also start to leave sport by the age of 11 according to SISU, Strategi 2025. At the same time, the Center for Sports Research describes how only 44 percent of the boys and only 22 percent of the girls reach the recommended levels of daily physical activity.

NYFA knows what tremendous positive effects sport and physical activity have on people’s quality of life and on our society at large.

Therefore NYFAs overall aim is to create a sustainable level of quality coaches, by identifying young people who have leadership qualities and giving them the opportunity to develop these and continue within sports for longer. This may be support for themselves but also to continue within sport support through developing others.


We offer the following to our Young Leaders…

  • Quarterly meetings for the young leaders to get together and discuss life, personal development and experience fun and educational things together
  • An online forum is available for discussion and support
  • Our global consultant team are on hand to deliver educational lectures from Health & Well-being to Child Protection to SVFF Coaching Diplomas
  • NYFA skills skola, where young leaders will have the opportunity to deliver coaching to younger age groups, under the support of NYFA Coach Mentor,
  • Exchange trips with our partnered organizations to the UK, Philippines (Football for Humanity), Zambia (Friends of Chitaba) and USA.
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