Our vision

NYFA’s long-term goal is to create better people. Through a holistic approach and evidence-based methodology, NYFA will achieve this. We aim to create better youth leaders as well as an enhanced environment around, and in, sports in order to thereby increase the quality of youth sports.

Our work is based on the equal value of all people and our aim is to create a business where everyone feels welcome regardless of gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality or political opinion and we do not accept any form of discrimination, bullying or harassment because of these.

NYFA believes that leaders of children, and young leaders bear an extraordinary responsibility as role models. A responsibility that affects what we say and how we behave, both on and off the pitch.


“We place a huge importance on education and developing good people as well as good players. You can’t just concentrate on the pitch.”
– Peter Knäbel, Head of Academy, Schalke 04

Read more about Schalke’s academy here..

What we do…

  • The NYFA Coach Mentoring Program – supporting organistions in developing their leaders & club as a whole
  • NYFA Website, Blog, Forum and Educational content
  • NYFA Skills skola – a fun, creative & innovative cirriculum based at 5+ childern
  • NYFA lectures – more formal education & pratical sessions
  • Young Leaders Programme – Engaging & educating boy and girls from different backgrounds to create the future generation of coaches
  • NYFA Assessment of Need – to explore underlying challenges and identify bespoke solutions for sports organisations
  • NYFA Foundation – to support organisations  & Projects who provide great service through sport
  • Collaboration & support many other global organisations
  • In Safe Hands Course – educating in the UN Children’s Convention’s Rights of the Child. Read more
  • Support in the development of a Community Centre in Northern Zambia, providing sports and education to kids. Read more

Who we impact…

Children, players, coaches, parent & leaders within…

  • Clubs
  • Communities

In the following areas…

  • Västra Götaland, Sweden
  • Östergötland, Sweden
  • Zambia
  • Philippines
  • United Kingdom

Our Partners

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