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My name is Gabriel Ekbeck, I’m living in Borås, working in Stockholm and from time to time staying in my house in Zambia. I lead several kind of non profit projects and organisations, centering around youth at risk, education and development work. My involvement is currently based in Sweden and Zambia, and previously in Canada. 

My work

SWEDEN: I work as project leader within the Salvation Army for ”Kylskåpsradion”, an online media channel aiming to create fun and educational content centering around foundational human values and human rights. Within the project I produce a weekly podcast, create educational videos and perform live shows in schools all over Sweden, everything together with my puppet Åsskar. 

ZAMBIA: I am the chairman of a non profit organisation called ”Friends of Chitaba” that support development within the village Chitaba in northern Zambia. The organisation, together with local partners, founded and are currently running a preschool with about 150 students, as well as other development projects in the are centered around education (sewing, sports, farming etc)

I am also founder and director of a social business company called EPOH Foundation which is located in both northern and southern region of Zambia. EPOH Foundation aims to create work possibilities and business start ups through micro-loans and support education. 

I am currently Director of Operations, Zambia, for the international organisation FFA Global (Football For All), running a football club in the slum area outside Livingstone in southern Zambia. Within the organisation Football For All I have worked with vulnerable youth in both Sweden, Zambia and Canada, using sports as a tool to create hope, fellowship and teach human values. 

My beliefs

It’s a fact that people receive different opportunities depending on where they are born, what motivates me is to use what I have been given to help others and provide an opportunity for them to develop and reach their full potential in life. Most often this is provided through education and personal growth, such as mentoring. I am a huge sports fan (especially football) but due to several concussions my own career was canceled at a young age. Since my professional experience is within development projects using sport as a tool to help vulnerable people, I believe an involvement with NYFA can help me bring coaching and mentoring expertise into social projects in, first and foremoste, Sweden, Zambia and Canada. 

I am excited about NYFA being a professional organisation with a human-first perspective. My dream is that ”the best” shouldn’t solely be provided to the richest and most fortunate, but also to people in the suburbs of North American cities, unable to pay for academies, to Zambian villagers running bare feet on dusty ground and to refugees arriving in Sweden without any connection to society. If we manage to provide professional content to a wider range of people there’s no stopping to the growth and development we may see within the sporting community at large as well as individual lives. It’s out of this perspective I also believe media production and creating new distribution channels is of great importance. 

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