NYFA Assessment of Need

NYFAs goal is to support all aspects of grassroots sports towards SISUs Strategy 2025. To us, this includes how each sports organisation is run, from the policies that are in place to how children interact with their team mates & coaches. Of course each organistaion is different, which is why we have designed the NYFA Assessment of Need to identify bespoke quick wins as well as longer term goals. This enables your organsiation to recieve an objective point of view and also inform us on where we can help and support you the best.

The main purpose of the Assessment of Need is to explore underlying challenges and identify bespoke solutions. This will inform future goals and provide a detailed long-term proposal for any club development, including the creation of ethically structured projects. These will be key to sustaining your organisations success both on and off the pitch.

The NYFA Assessment of Need consist of…

• A NYFA charter standard check list that will invetsigate where your organisation is and if it has relevant proceedures and policies in place.

• Informal discussions with any employess or key decisions makers within your organisation, so NYFA can understand where you believe your organisation is.

• Observations of training sessions by an experienced project and team Leader with unique skills in identifying group dynamics and underlying mechanisms in effective leadership. The purpose of this is to explore leadership styles, team engagement… in practice what you organistaion looks like.

• Discussion will also take place with coaches and players to explore needs, challenges, strengths and areas for improvement. All data will be anonymised and no one individual be referenced or identifiable.

• Our research consultant, who has over 10 years’ experience in the field of research and evaluation, will provide in-depth analysis of the gathered survey data and identify key findings and recommendations.

• The final report will provide a bespoke and detailed Assessment of Need, which will be a valuable resource for shaping the future direction for the club. This will be further enhanced by any possible future engagement with NYFA.

”For anything to progress forward, we first must understand what needs to be improved upon”

Lucy Southgate, Head of Operations NYFA Sweden